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  • Inaugural happy Xmas/holidays/ Hanukkah/ thankgod2016isnearlydead sale!!!!

    Dearest humanfolk, Like most rational people, I have a firm policy of telling Xmas to SHUT UP until December. Now that it actually is December, let’s talk about shiny happy things! I’m having my inaugural happy Xmas/Hanukkah/thankgod2016isnearlydead sale! My last novel, Killing Adonis, is now available for just TEN cashmoneydollarbucks! That’s even less than a […]

  • A Day In The Li(f)e of a New York Limes Best Smelling Author

    Writers are often asked: “What’s your daily process?” I assume this is because many people entertain the outlandish fantasy that most writers wake up late, stare philosophically into the middle distance for an hour or two, do about twenty minutes of actual work and then spend the rest of the day hanging out in opium […]

  • Love and Psychopaths

    Oh hey there everyone! In super magic big plus exciting times news: I recently handed in the manuscript for my new novel to Pantera Press! Hopefully they like it, otherwise I’ll just print it out and drive around throwing it onto people’s lawns which will be very expensive and time consuming and also possibly injure […]

  • SUPANOVA 2014

    Hello there internet, how are you? I’m fine, thanks for asking. Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been insanely busy promoting Killing Adonis and finishing off the script for the new graphic novel. I’m going to quickly share a couple of highlights from this year’s Supanova festival, because it was one of the […]

  • Launch party photos

              The crew from Supanova came and took some great photos at the launch the other week! Click here to see the full set. I’ll be appearing at Supanova Nov 14 -16, come and say hi!

  • Killing Adonis by J.M. Donellan reviewed by J.M. Donellan

    First of all, I was highly disappointed that this novel was not written by Tim Winton. As every reviewer knows, the only good novels in Australia are those that are either written by Tim Winton or try very extremely hard to sound like his work with the addition of a mild idiosyncratic twist. Perhaps a […]

  • I wanted to do a simple reading, but things got out of hand…

  • Killing Adonis launch party sneak preview.

    Hey dudes I made a little sneak preview video for the launch with my friend the amazing incredible astonishing etc Sandi Darling who runs a cool parents blog at Milk Eyes.  Note: this video features lots of big shiny drugs. Don’t forget to RSVP to Facebook event is here. 

  • Killing Adonis now available for preorder TELL EVERYONE AND THEIR GRANDMAS

    DEAREST THE UNIVERSE KILLING ADONIS IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER LOTS OF PLACES EVERYONE GO BUY IT PLEASE I HAVE KIDS TO FEED.* Avid Reader Google Play books Amazon Itunes *Not human children of course, just baby goats. But those things eat a LOT! PS Don’t forget everyone in the world except Chris Brown and […]


    All right internet, this is the big one. I’ve been waiting four goddamn years for this and you can bet your grandma’s kitten we are going to have a party to remember. FEAST YOUR EYES ON THIS SWEET LINEUP!                                     […]