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  • The Eternal Artist Callout

    Look, I’m old school about these things. I know I could go to comic book conventions and try and ‘network’ and all that jazz but it┬ájust feels awkward and unnatural. I’d rather spend my time eating all the delicious buffet food that the actors take for granted and try to explain to security guards that […]

  • The Eternal sneak preview #2

    One of the best things about making art in the 21st century is that distance is no barrier to collaboration. Today Tony Gilfoyle and I have been hard at work on our new project, me tapping away at my keyboard in a little cafe in Brisbane, Tony furiously sketching in the Solomon islands. I am […]

  • The Eternal sneak preview #1

    I’ll be the first to admit that I have a bad habit of counting my dragons before they’ve hatched. I tend to exuberantly rant about a new idea that’s spawned in my mind the minute it presents itself and start making business and marketing plans for books before I’ve even finished the second chapter. However, […]