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The Eternal Artist Callout

Look, I’m old school about these things. I know I could go to comic book conventions and try and ‘network’ and all that jazz but it just feels awkward and unnatural. I’d rather spend my time eating all the delicious buffet food that the actors take for granted and try to explain to security guards that yes, actually, I am supposed to be in the VIP area and no I’m not a Moby lookalike.

Orion jpeg small     0rion chair small

Wait, what was I talking about? Oh yeah. I NEED AN ARTIST. Not an ‘I made a sculpture out of my hair and threw it at my laptop as a protest against data retention‘ artist, an artist who draws things. Specifically comic shaped things. The story in need of the aforementioned art skills is called the Eternal, and it charts the adventures of O aka Orion/Ophelia/Omid/Orchid/Olof and a few other aliases as they travel alongside a Goddess who has lost memory of her divinity, the two of them used as pawns played by various cosmic forces.

DSC_0238         DSC_0236

It will be a sweeping fantasy epic beginning in 18th century India and ending in modern day Japan with a cast featuring gods, assassins, thieves, devils and poets (the worst of the whole bunch). It is influenced by graphic novels like The Maxx, Saga, The Unwritten, The Invisibles, Sandman and movies like The Fall, Inglorious Basterds and Snowpiercer. I want it to be philosophical and poetic but also action packed and laden with snappy dialogue.

This is going to be a grand undertaking that will roll out over a few years. I’ve written plays, novels, poems and a whole bunch of other stuff but this is my first time tackling the comic book format. I’d love to work with someone who is also based in Brisbane but then again the internet is a wonderful thing.

death        lucifer

My original artist, the incredible Tony Gilfoyle, has had to pull out of the project due to various personal reasons but will be staying on to consult and perhaps help out with later instalments. The sketches displayed here are all his, and ideally I’d love to work with someone who has a similar(ish) style. If you’re interested, you can email me at jmdonellan [AT] gmail [DOT] com and we can throw ideas at each other. Please only hit me up if you are really serious about taking on a large, longterm project and you are a supercool person who is invariably friendly and fun even in stressful situations and you love puns and always gets stuff in by deadline and possibly play drums so we can jam out between sessions to unwind and if you have a helicopter of some sort that would definitely be taken into consideration.*


PS Re: payment, I’d most likely be looking to split royalties and enter into this as a partnership but I’m open to discussion.

*I am aware that no person this great exists, but it is literally my job to live in a world of fiction.


The Eternal sneak preview #2


One of the best things about making art in the 21st century is that distance is no barrier to collaboration. Today Tony Gilfoyle and I have been hard at work on our new project, me tapping away at my keyboard in a little cafe in Brisbane, Tony furiously sketching in the Solomon islands.

I am so excited about this project that I want to high five the sun. It’s going to have the widest scope of anything I’ve ever written, spanning centuries and continents, heaven and hell, life and death. Tony’s art is going make these characters so real you might want to wear kevlar while you read it just in case you catch a stray bullet flying out from the pages.



I know I’m getting ahead of myself sharing these images so early in the creative process – but hell, I’m a writer. Getting ahead of myself is what I do. I’m currently waist deep in research covering subjects ranging from Gnosticism, Sufism, the Colombian revolution, the Khmer Rouge, Icelandic volcanoes, obscure mathematical theories and pancultural symbolism. Enjoy these teaser sketches. And If someone could provide me with an image of an Indian rupee from the early 18th century that’d be just swell.

Orion jpeg small


The Eternal sneak preview #1

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a bad habit of counting my dragons before they’ve hatched. I tend to exuberantly rant about a new idea that’s spawned in my mind the minute it presents itself and start making business and marketing plans for books before I’ve even finished the second chapter. However, with this new project I won’t even attempt to restrain myself from shouting from the digital rooftops. I’m only going to throw you a couple of teaser sketches for the moment as this project is still in the early planning stages, but I will tell you that I’ve commenced work on an epic fantasy graphic novel series that spans several centuries. The series will be a collaboration with the ludicrous and luminary Tony Gilfoyle.

Tony is currently based in a secret location on an island somewhere in the Pacific (that’s actually true, more or less) but he recently emailed me these images and I couldn’t wait to throw them at the internet. I’ll show you a couple more preview images sometime soon. Keep watching this space and definitely check out Tony’s instagram page and art blog.