The Eternal sneak preview #2


One of the best things about making art in the 21st century is that distance is no barrier to collaboration. Today Tony Gilfoyle and I have been hard at work on our new project, me tapping away at my keyboard in a little cafe in Brisbane, Tony furiously sketching in the Solomon islands.

I am so excited about this project that I want to high five the sun. It’s going to have the widest scope of anything I’ve ever written, spanning centuries and continents, heaven and hell, life and death. Tony’s art is going make these characters so real you might want to wear kevlar while you read it just in case you catch a stray bullet flying out from the pages.



I know I’m getting ahead of myself sharing these images so early in the creative process – but hell, I’m a writer. Getting ahead of myself is what I do. I’m currently waist deep in research covering subjects ranging from Gnosticism, Sufism, the Colombian revolution, the Khmer Rouge, Icelandic volcanoes, obscure mathematical theories and pancultural symbolism. Enjoy these teaser sketches. And If someone could provide me with an image of an Indian rupee from the early 18th century that’d be just swell.

Orion jpeg small




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