The Eternal sneak preview #1

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a bad habit of counting my dragons before they’ve hatched. I tend to exuberantly rant about a new idea that’s spawned in my mind the minute it presents itself and start making business and marketing plans for books before I’ve even finished the second chapter. However, with this new project I won’t even attempt to restrain myself from shouting from the digital rooftops. I’m only going to throw you a couple of teaser sketches for the moment as this project is still in the early planning stages, but I will tell you that I’ve commenced work on an epic fantasy graphic novel series that spans several centuries. The series will be a collaboration with the ludicrous and luminary Tony Gilfoyle.

Tony is currently based in a secret location on an island somewhere in the Pacific (that’s actually true, more or less) but he recently emailed me these images and I couldn’t wait to throw them at the internet. I’ll show you a couple more preview images sometime soon. Keep watching this space and definitely check out Tony’s instagram page and art blog.





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