Category: quantum mechanics

  • INTER at Flowstate

    One of the things that brings me great joy is that some of my favourite artists are also some of my closest friends. And I’m incredibly pleased to announce that I’ve recently been part of a truly wonderful new work called INTER, made in collaboration with Liesel Zink (an amazing choreographer); Mike Willmett (an incredible […]

  • The Theory of Everything

    I’m tremendously excited to be have worked on The Theory of Everything as a part of the Brisbane Festival. The director, Thomas Quirk, produced one of my all time favourite theatrical works, The Raven, which was an interactive performance piece about Edgar Allen Poe. It also starred one of my best friends, the supernaturally brilliant […]

  • FROZEN FACE OF POLAR BEAR reviewed by JM Donellan (of Frozen Face of Polar Bear)

    You might think it somewhat inappropriate for a musician to review their own gig. If this is the case you should be aware of the fact that all music reviewers are invariably one of the following: 1 Friends with the bands they see 2 Sleeping with one (or more) of the band members. 3 Would […]

  • FUTURE SPECS: putting the “art” in party

        YOU: "Oh hey man, how's it going?"     THEM: "Oh hey there guy! Well, you know, pretty good, Carol's been redecoratising the living room and my little girl got a triple double goldstar trophy sceptre for her report on Miley Cyrus." YOU: "Um…I'm pretty sure that there's no such thing as a triple double […]


    I had an abortion this week. I was halfway through my follow up novel (for adults at least, my kids book is done and dusted) when I made the difficult decision to prematurely end its life. It was entitled Junk Quay: A Modern Ghost Story. Basically it was a story about blues music and quantum […]


    Often when I mention to people that I am a writer, their eyes light up and they say : "Oh! So you’re going to be the next Dan Brown!" Here, for the record, is a list of people and objects that I would RATHER be than the aforementioned ‘writer.’ THE MOULDY STRAWBERRY IN MY REFRIGERATOR […]


    A few days ago, during the blurry concluding moments of a satisfactorily debaucherous party I had been hosting, we got onto the subject of quantum mechanics. Now my knowledge in this area is superficial at the best of times, (I’ve been doing some preliminary research for my next book), but at 3am after consuming most […]