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  • Six Cold Feet Episode 1- Born under a bad sign

    We are very excited to share the first full episode of our series Six Cold Feet! In episode 1 we meet our narrator, River, and some of the curious inhabitants of the town of Ullara. River tells us about Harmony’s unusual past. If you dig it please rate us on whatever podcast platform you use. […]

  • Six Cold Feet episode #0

    Our special preview episode of Six Cold Feet is now live! This is a preview episode where I talk with producer/actor/editor Jessica McGaw about music, myth, and murder. Big thanks to everyone who’s already supporting us on Patreon!

  • Six Cold Feet

    Very excited to finally share the teaser trailer for my podcast series Six Cold Feet! Episodes coming soon, follow the facebook group here. Can’t wait to hear what you think!

  • Rock & Roll Writers Festival

    Hello there humans and any AI programs reading this, I’ve been a bit quiet of late but there are lots of exciting announcements to come in the next few weeks. The first of these is that I’m very proud to announce that I’ll be at the first ever Rock & Roll Writers Festival. There’s not […]

  • Microplanes and magic: Poetry is Dead remix

    I’m very excited to announce that the wonderful Microplane has remixed one of the songs from last year’s Poetry is Dead EP. I had the pleasure of meeting Fancisco aka Microplane in Porto a couple of years ago. I was already hopelessly in love with Portugal and visiting this city, home of one of the […]

  • You Have the Right to Not Remain Silent

    SHUT UP! Sound familiar? If you work in the arts or do anything vaguely interesting with your life, you’ve probably had this phrase or variously profane iterations hurled at you more often than you’d like. We’ve all heard the stories of people who move next to bars and complain about the noise (if you can’t figure […]


        &   Dearest the World, we are launching our debut EP/poetry collection this Tuesday September 7pm at the Bearded Lady. Scott Wings will also be performing, fresh from melting faces at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which is the world’s largest festival for people with very symmetrical haircuts. FB EVENT HERE         […]

  • Killing Adonis cover reveal

      Dearest denizens of the interwebs, I am extremely incredibly tremendously and wondrously thrilled to present to you the cover of my forthcoming novel Killing Adonis. I’m hugely impressed with the team at Xou Creative as well as my publisher Pantera Press for coming up with a design that enigmatically alludes to the dark and […]

  • 4C arts collective: Thank you and goodnight.

    Listen, internet. Sometimes good things happen. Sometimes these things last a day, or week, or a few years or even longer still. Sometimes they last for too long, sometimes for not long enough and sometimes just the right amount.      When the things in question end you basically have three options; be sad that […]

  • 7 Best Writing Albums

    It’s often said that writing about music is like dancing about architecture, which always just makes me think “Yeah, I want to see more dances about architecture!” However, speaking in my capacity as a sometime musician, occasional music journalist, part time radio DJ and all the time lovably cantankerous author, I thought I’d share a few of […]