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  • You Have the Right to Not Remain Silent

    SHUT UP! Sound familiar? If you work in the arts or do anything vaguely interesting with your life, you’ve probably had this phrase or variously profane iterations hurled at you more often than you’d like.¬†We’ve all heard the stories of people who move next to bars and complain about the noise (if you can’t figure […]

  • Last Drinks Before the Apocalypse casting callout

    Thespians of Brisbaneland, I want YOU! Well, not all of you. Just a few. Four to be precise. This year as part of the Anywhere Theatre Festival I’ll be writing a new script for a show entitled Last Drinks Before the Apocalypse. It’s going to be an overnight performance, and as far as I know […]

  • A regicidal thank you story.

    As one of the crowdfunding rewards for We Are All Ghosts, I promised contributors a personalised poem. I got fairly liberal with the term ‘poem’ after I’d written a dozen or so and just started writing obituaries, dictionary entries and this regicidal thank you story. It began, as these things often do, with the entrails […]

  • Goodbye to Ghosts (for now).

    So now the hurly burly’s done. After months of rehearsal, planning, rewriting and performance our little show comes to end. The whole experience has been beautiful and bewildering. I’ll probably write about it at length once I’ve had a chance to collect my thoughts, but for now I wanted to share a few photos and […]

  • We Are All Ghosts wants your love (in the form of money).

      Dearest humans and sophisticated AI programs who sound like Scarlett Johansson, our brand new production We Are All Ghosts has been cast and is in the early stages of preparation for the Anywhere Theatre Festival. We are so excited that we made a robot that shoots fireworks out of its eyes and cupcakes from […]

  • We Are All Ghosts audition callout

    Photo by arthorse After many years writing novels & stories & articles & poetry & angry letters to politicians & graffiti on toilet walls I’ve finally written my first play. It’s called We Are All Ghosts and it will be part of the Anywhere Theatre Festival, which is one of the most magnificent arts festivals […]