We Are All Ghosts wants your love (in the form of money).



Dearest humans and sophisticated AI programs who sound like Scarlett Johansson, our brand new production We Are All Ghosts has been cast and is in the early stages of preparation for the Anywhere Theatre Festival. We are so excited that we made a robot that shoots fireworks out of its eyes and cupcakes from its mouth to celebrate.*

However, putting on a play – even a made up one about fictional characters – frustratingly costs real earth dollars. Believe me, I try to pay for my groceries with imaginary money all the time and it never works. So we need a little help from our friends and their friends and people who aren’t our friends yet but most certainly will be as soon as they help us.

We’ve put together a crowdfunding campaign to cover the basics like insurance, props, registration fees, police bribes etc. Anything you can give would be hugely appreciated. Plus we’ll give you loads of magical things in return like drinks and personalised poems and tickets to the show and such. For each dollar you give a puppy makes best friends with a baby seal and they start a band together where they just sing about how great you are all day long.

Here’s a picture of Jess as Selina looking at you with pleading puppy dog eyes asking you to donate generously. She can see your future in that disco ball, don’t make her sad!

photo by Dave Clarkey

*This is not true. Such robots do not exist, and in a nation where we don’t even have a science minister they are unlikely to be developed in the near future.