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  • Blog Tour

    Hello there humans and approximate facsimiles, I am excited to tell you that this week I am in the middle of a blog tour. A blog tour is basically like a hedonistic punk rock tour except without all the hotel room trashing. Or chain smoking. Or public performance. Or actual touring. But what it does […]

  • Stories are important because___________

    Book cake #1 One of the best books ever written, now with more sugar! For my birthday last week I ran a little mini-competition where I promised to give away a free copy of Zeb and the Great Ruckus to the most creative answer to the above question. I received a brilliant array of responses, […]

  • Love letters to corporations episode #6

    My dearest ticketek, I am writing today to commend you on your excellent and innovate business model of charging for delivery of etickets, a service which, by my mathematical reckoning, costs you precisely $0.000000000 dollars. I had once believed that your email delivery prices of $4-5 would be the absolute zenith of your entrepreneurial courage. But lo! I […]

  • Ain’t no party like a launch party

    HELLO THERE! How are you? I’m well. I mean, I am now. I did enjoy a brief little jaunt in the emergency room because a team of furious invisible werewolves were trying to tear open my brain whilst huffing over me with hot, rank breath (I believe the medical term is ‘Influenza A’) but then I took […]


      Hello there citizens of internetland, I trust you are well. I have a heap of announcements that are so exciting that they really should be all IN CAPS but we all know that can be quite annoying so I’ll try and RESTRAIN MYSELF (whoops…) Zeb will see its full, really really real release (try […]

  • Paper girl festival video interview

        Writers aren't used to having our faces (or any other parts) on camera. Despite spending most of our lives desperately trying to communicate through the use of various combinations of 26 letters and a small selection of punctuation marks that the modern world is increasingly less interested in correctly utilising, we are a […]

  • Illustrator acquired!

      Ladies and Gentlememes, I am so excited about this announcement THAT I AM GOING TO USE CAPS UNTIL THE END OF THIS SENTENCE! My publisher, Odyssey Books, and I have found an illustrator/cover artist for Zeb and The Great Ruckus (the novel that will inspire a generation of children to pick up guitars and […]

  • How to Turn Your Child Into a ninja-scientist-guitar-soloing-human rights champion in one easy step.

    Last week I finished my first ever children’s novel, Zeb and the Great Ruckus. I don't want to give too much of the story away, but I can tell you it will feature the following:   This is a story for parents who aren’t white picket fence upper middle class starbucks and sunday paper trim […]