Interim parliament vows to keep Australia ‘one nation under a groove’

In news that is bound to shock Australia and the world, long buried legislation has been uncovered that states that in the event of a hung parliament an interim foreign political body of an allied democratic nation must be installed.

The US government was last night asked to fulfill this role, but in a clerical error by civil servant Gary Wentworth who had been drinking coffee and watching red and blue lines incrementally increase for 12 hours, the US funk band 'parliament' was installed instead of the Obama led administration.



Wentworth was unavailable for comment and was last seen sucking his thumb
and very slowly drawing red and blue lines on his arm muttering 'too
close to call, too close to call…'


Bandleader George Clinton said he had been surprised by the call, but vowed that he and around a dozen of the best past and current members of parliament/funkadelic would endeavour to keep Australia 'one nation under a groove' until the new government had been installed. "I'll be bringing the funk, the whole funk and nothing but the funk." He added.

Bootsy Bass player Bootsy Collins responded with a forty-three minute bass solo and a maniacal cackle. The band have stated that they will keep the nation distracted from the pressing question of who is in charge by the even more pressing question of whether to 'get on up' or 'get on down.'