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  • Canberra and the Commonwealth

    Hello person who is reading this. This post exists in order to announce 2 x exciting things! Exciting thing the first: I’ll be performing at one of the satellite events for the Commonwealth games on Thursday the 12th of April. Tales and Ales will feature some of my favourite humans, who also happen to be […]

  • Sydney Airport: Please Tell Your Robots To Stop Sexually Harassing Me In The Bathroom

    Dearest Sydney Airport, I like to think we know each other pretty well. You’ve made me remove various items of clothing and screened me for explosives many times. I’ve slept in your chairs, consumed your Krispy Kreme products with jet-lagged jaws and recently you’ve even been kind enough to stock my latest novel in your […]

  • Microplanes and magic: Poetry is Dead remix

    I’m very excited to announce that the wonderful Microplane has remixed one of the songs from last year’s Poetry is Dead EP. I had the pleasure of meeting Fancisco aka Microplane in Porto a couple of years ago. I was already hopelessly in love with Portugal and visiting this city, home of one of the […]

  • The Stench of Adventure

      I’m awfully fond of days when I get to hold a new book in my hands. I’m even more fond of the days when the book in question has my name on the cover. [untitled] #6 is one such book, and also features a bunch of other fantastic writers from around the country. I […]

  • Love Letter to Lisbon (OR Art in the Time of Recession).

      Recently I was travelling with an economist, an artist and a doctor. I know that sounds like the set up for a joke, but it’s actually just the first sentence of a love letter. (Or possibly essay. Or a tweet in need of serious editing, I don’t know you, read it and let me […]

  • My Dearest Target

    My Dearest Target, How are you? I trust you are enjoying the start of the Christmas period, which I imagine major retailers look forward to with all the anticipation of a sex addict awaiting a holiday in Ibiza. Yesterday I was perusing your shelves in search of a toiletries bag that I had believed I […]

  • Zeb and the Great Ruckus: coming at you like a rampaging bewilderbeast in 2012

    You might recall a little over a year ago I posted that I had finished my children’s fantasy novel Zeb and the Great Ruckus, and went on to describe how it would transform your child into a ninja-scientist-guitar-soloing human rights champion. Well, it’s taken a while, but I have finally inked a publishing deal in […]

  • Explosions in the sky

    My Dearest Qantas, My name is Josh Donellan and I am a person and, far more importantly, a Qantas frequent flyer. Recently, upon returning from India via Singapore I flew on flight QF52 which was supposed to take me to Brisbane. (Note the use of the word ‘supposed.’) I rate the customer service 4/5, the […]

  • For sale: Midi keyboard formerly owned by Ludwig Van Beethoven

    (Link to the full ebay ad is here.) I'm about to head to New York and then Colombia to do some "research" for my next book, Adonis Comma Coma. I need to raise some funds to assure that I can afford to drink Manhattans in Manhattan and to that end I'm selling off a few […]

  • 10 of the Best Books Set in India (with its Multitudinous Mysteries)

    Here's a list of books about/set in India I did for Flashlight Worthy books. I hope you enjoy it, but no so much that it inspires you to write your own novel because lord only knows I don't need the competition: