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  • Blog Tour

    Hello there humans and approximate facsimiles, I am excited to tell you that this week I am in the middle of a blog tour. A blog tour is basically like a hedonistic punk rock tour except without all the hotel room trashing. Or chain smoking. Or public performance. Or actual touring. But what it does […]

  • Explosions in the sky

    My Dearest Qantas, My name is Josh Donellan and I am a person and, far more importantly, a Qantas frequent flyer. Recently, upon returning from India via Singapore I flew on flight QF52 which was supposed to take me to Brisbane. (Note the use of the word ‘supposed.’) I rate the customer service 4/5, the […]

  • 10 of the Best Books Set in India (with its Multitudinous Mysteries)

    Here's a list of books about/set in India I did for Flashlight Worthy books. I hope you enjoy it, but no so much that it inspires you to write your own novel because lord only knows I don't need the competition: http://www.flashlightworthybooks.com/Best-Books-About-India/583


    I had an abortion this week. I was halfway through my follow up novel (for adults at least, my kids book is done and dusted) when I made the difficult decision to prematurely end its life. It was entitled Junk Quay: A Modern Ghost Story. Basically it was a story about blues music and quantum […]


    My debut novel, A Beginner's Guide to Dying in India, was released in America last week. Although it won't see release here in Australia until next month, I was obviously fairly excited to be a thrilling 683,960th on amazon.com's sales ranking. This means that there are exactly 683 959 books that are better promoted, better […]