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  • Ain’t no party like a launch party

    HELLO THERE! How are you? I’m well. I mean, I am now. I did enjoy a brief little jaunt in the emergency room because a team of furious invisible¬†werewolves¬†were trying to tear open my brain whilst huffing over me with hot, rank breath (I believe the medical term is ‘Influenza A’) but then I took […]

  • FROZEN FACE OF POLAR BEAR reviewed by JM Donellan (of Frozen Face of Polar Bear)

    You might think it somewhat inappropriate for a musician to review their own gig. If this is the case you should be aware of the fact that all music reviewers are invariably one of the following: 1 Friends with the bands they see 2 Sleeping with one (or more) of the band members. 3 Would […]

  • SHOOT art party!!

                                          The 4c arts collective is hosting another one of our (in)famous art parties, and you had better be there. I could explain to you why you need to come, but why bother when I can just get two cartoon robots to do it for me? GETCHA TIX RIGHT HERE!!! A celebration of new growth, […]