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No one was more surprised than me when I managed to sell my crappy, possibly cursed guitar for a grand total of $40. Seriously, I would have paid someone to take that thing away from me. Sure it was a weird ad (you can view it here) but I sure as hell didn't expect queries such as:

"Is this guitar REALLY cursed?"

"Can I film you smashing it?"

and "Are you still single?"

In any case I have more crap around my house that I want to get rid of, so without further ado (or even adieu) I give you:


Bidding starts at $0.99. Get on it.


day one.

The launch events this Friday and Sunday are all booked out and for some reason I'm going to be in this magazine:



I hope they don't ask me about fashion tips, all I'm going to be able to give them is a list of my favourite op shops and their respective odours. Can someone remind me which decade's fashion is back in vogue again? Is it the 1980s or the 1560s? 

Just to update; my ebay ad has had 100 views in 24 hours and so far I've been offered a vacuum cleaner, tapes, and a degree in the performing arts. Members of the conservative community might well argue that these items are all of equivalent economic value. If you have something that took you three years to make or attain, whether it be a replica of the millennium falcon made from paddle pop sticks or the rights to your patent for a  biochemical weapon that makes everyone sound exactly like Fran Drescher then go ahead and place a bid.