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  • FOR SALE: 1 x reincarnation of historical figure Franz Ferdinand.

    Hello the Internet. How are you today? I hope Charlie Sheen hasn't been keeping you too busy. I just thought I'd use my blog to yell into the digital universe and let you know that I'd entered this competition where you have to make a story about three objects for sale. The items this week […]

  • For sale: Midi keyboard formerly owned by Ludwig Van Beethoven

    (Link to the full ebay ad is here.) I'm about to head to New York and then Colombia to do some "research" for my next book, Adonis Comma Coma. I need to raise some funds to assure that I can afford to drink Manhattans in Manhattan and to that end I'm selling off a few […]


    No one was more surprised than me when I managed to sell my crappy, possibly cursed guitar for a grand total of $40. Seriously, I would have paid someone to take that thing away from me. Sure it was a weird ad (you can view it here) but I sure as hell didn't expect queries […]

  • >>>Crappy, possibly cursed acoustic guitar for sale: