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  • Inaugural happy Xmas/holidays/ Hanukkah/ thankgod2016isnearlydead sale!!!!

    Dearest humanfolk, Like most rational people, I have a firm policy of telling Xmas to SHUT UP until December. Now that it actually is December, let’s talk about shiny happy things! I’m having my inaugural happy Xmas/Hanukkah/thankgod2016isnearlydead sale! My last novel, Killing Adonis, is now available for just TEN cashmoneydollarbucks! That’s even less than a…

  • Stendhal Syndrome: so many uses!!!!

    Just some of the many household applications for J.M. Donellan’s new poetry collection Stendhal Syndrome. Don’t like poetry? No problem! There’s plenty of ways to enjoy this book, from zombie barricade to a creative plate for your cooking creations, the sky’s the limit with this GREAT NEW PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stendhal Syndrome launch party!

      Debut poetry collection out next month.  You should come to the launch.