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  • R.I.P. Rave

    As a teenage music nerd, my bedroom walls were perennially populated by posters featuring various scowling dudes with guitars looking down on me lying on my bed losing myself in my headphones whilst devouring Rave magazine. Growing up I always thought that being a music writer would be the most inconceivably, unbelievably, incontrovertibly cool job imaginable. Years later, I moved […]

  • People often ask me: “What is the worst album you’ve ever reviewed?” Here is the answer.

      Amazingly, appallingly, astoundingly terrible The cover of Tenacious D’s Rize Of The Fenix (and yes, that is how it’s spelt) features a picture of a penis stylized into the form of a phoenix with flaming wings. If you’re thinking ‘well, that sure as heck doesn’t bode well…’ then you can tell where I’m going […]

  • Cut Chemist @ BNE Hi Fi reviewed for Rave magazine

    After the debacle surrounding D12’s non-appearances at the disastrous Heatwave festival it would seem that American hip hop acts are starting to garner a reputation as being unreliable. Continuing this trend, tonight’s opening time has been shifted back an hour and there seems to be a great deal of confusion as to what time the […]

  • Exit Stage Zed

     If you'd like to listen to my voice as well as read my words (although I'm not sure why you would, I have to listen to my voice all the time and it's pretty damn annoying.) You can check out the new show I'm doing on 4zzz with Darragh and Jodi. Exit Stage Zed […]

  • BNE artist interviews #1: Erica Field

    Today’s entry is part of a new monthly series where I will be interviewing artists from Brisbane. For the first installment I sit down with my good friend Erica Field as she talks about transforming herself into a boy, bleeding on stage and falling in love with the audience. photo: Sean Young JD: I’ve heard […]

  • Chali 2na at the BNE hifi reviewed for Rave magazine

    original article HERE.   Criminally underrated local act Coalition Crew are the first of four obscenely impressive lists of performers representing three different continents this evening. They deliver a solid set of tight, clever rhymes over golden era-influenced beats and bass. Bankrupt Billionaires, a recent addition to the local scene, are next up on stage. Their […]

  • Bright Eyes @ the BNE Hifi reviewed for Rave magazine

      Just a quick sidenote: If any crazed stalker fan wanted to murder Connor Oberst, it would be really hilarious to creep up behind him and sing the line "turn around bright eyes…" from this song before getting all Charlie Manson. Original article HERE. The Hi-Fi – Thu Nov 17 Darren Hanlon’s story songs, presented here […]

  • FUTURE SPECS: putting the “art” in party

        YOU: "Oh hey man, how's it going?"     THEM: "Oh hey there guy! Well, you know, pretty good, Carol's been redecoratising the living room and my little girl got a triple double goldstar trophy sceptre for her report on Miley Cyrus." YOU: "Um…I'm pretty sure that there's no such thing as a triple double […]

  • SOUNDS OF SPRING REVIEW (simulcast from 4zzz)

    You’d be forgiven for thinking that 2009’s Sounds of Spring was a government conspiracy to lure all the violent bogans in Brisbane into one concentrated area for scientific observation. Whilst shirtless, ass-grabbing, beer can-hurling jerks are an unfortunate certainty at just about any festival, today it seems like they constitute the vast majority of the […]


    Well now, Richard Dawkins has become a real A-list of late, ever since his massive success with the god delusion he’s been seen partying at the Viper Room with Lindsay Lohan, Yasmine Bleeth and Robert Downey Jr. Friends say he’s been hitting the ‘party powder’ a little too hard, but the real news is the […]