100 Stories for QLD

Dearest humans of earth.

These are times, no question about it. We've had floods and cyclones and enough strange and near-apocalyptic weather that people are beginning to wonder if that terrible John Cusask movie 2012 wasn't actually a documentary filmed in the future.


The good news is that there is something you can do to make the world a better place. The first is to never see a goddam Roland Emmerich movie again, because let's face it the world is a dark enough place without his heinously melodramatic disaster porn.


The other thing you can do is buy and subsequently read 100 stories for QLD; an anthology that brings together writers from around the world in an anthology of short stories to raise money for the flood victims. My short story Stunt Kite is featured. It's about your weird neighbour. Yeah, you know the one. Those of you with functioning mathematical faculties will have determined that this means that there are 99 other stories by other writers, most of whom are talented, more successful and better looking than me.

Anyway the point is that instead of engaging in stereotypical writerly behaviour (alchoholic nihilistic hermeticism) we've come together to create this anthology of great stories and 100% of all proceeds will go to the flood victims. So you get a great collection of stories, the flood victims get a little bit of a helping hand, and I get an excuse to write a blog entry mocking Roland Emmerich. Everybody wins! The book is out March 8 and you should buy between 1 and 6 million copies, depending on your financial status. (Tony Abbott, I'm looking at you!)

Now let's all sing along with Bill Withers:


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