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  • R.I.P. Rave

    As a teenage music nerd, my bedroom walls were perennially populated by posters featuring various scowling dudes with guitars looking down on me lying on my bed losing myself in my headphones whilst devouring Rave magazine. Growing up I always thought that being a music writer would be the most inconceivably, unbelievably, incontrovertibly cool job imaginable. Years later, I moved […]

  • People often ask me: “What is the worst album you’ve ever reviewed?” Here is the answer.

      Amazingly, appallingly, astoundingly terrible The cover of Tenacious D’s Rize Of The Fenix (and yes, that is how it’s spelt) features a picture of a penis stylized into the form of a phoenix with flaming wings. If you’re thinking ‘well, that sure as heck doesn’t bode well…’ then you can tell where I’m going […]

  • BLACKLIGHT featuring Pigeon / Lunch Tapes / The Medics reviewed for rave magazine

    View and comment on the original article at Rave Magazine HERE. BLACKLIGHT: The Medics / Lunch Tapes / Pigeon / Boss Moxi Lightspace – Fri Nov 4 The promoters of tonight’s event describe the venue, Lightspace, as a ‘classy warehouse.’ Sheer white curtains adorn the walls and stage, candles cast flickering shadows and my friend (name […]

  • Ball Park Music review (for Rave Magazine)

       View and comment on this article on the Rave website HERE.  Ball Park Music / Northeast Party House / The Jungle Giants The Zoo – Sat Oct 15 The Jungle Giants open proceedings by serving up a sonic selection of fun and friendly guitar pop that is summery enough to convince an Eskimo to […]

  • 'Dying in India' got a pretty top notch review in this week's Rave magazine if I do say so myself. And I do, because I'm a writer, I say stuff, that's my frigging JOB. http://www.ravemagazine.com.au/content/view/18423/192/