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Eighty Nine now available everywhere and everywhen


Eighty Nine

My contribution (as well as the other stories) from the Eighty Nine literary mixtapes anthology are now online. You can read them for free here, (you cheapskates), and then purchase a copy from the site or amazon if you want to hold it in your hot little hands. 

The writers participating in this anthology were each given a song from 1989 and instructed to link it to a historical event from that year and write a speculative fiction story. I'm not kidding, this was the best prompt I have ever been given. You can read reviews and such on goodreads here if you like to have other people form your opinions for you. Personally I just use an Indian outsourcing service. 

"Hey Krishna, what did I think of the new Ian McEwan book? Overly verbose huh? Self-indulgent pompous tripe? Well, sounds a bit harsh, but okay, if you say so…"

100 stories release & Electric Youth


The paperback of 100 stories for Queensland will be finally released on May 17. eMergent publishing is hosting a 'chart rush' in order to push to get the book as high on the amazon sales chart as possible. Here's a link to the facebook event, make sure you get amongst it and show the world that people read books that don't have titles like 'You Deserve Everything Right Now! How to get all the things you ever wanted for no reason without working for them.' or 'The Omega Conspiracy Complex Agenda: A Jack Spyhero novel.'

You can order the book from amazon HERE.

100% of the proceeds of this anthology will be donated to the The Queensland Premier's Flood Appeal. You can hear an interview of me talking about the book and other things on the 4zzz book show here (thanks Fraser Wright for the recording):

interview with 4zzz book show

My next project will be writing for the Literary Mixtapes project, I've been asked to write a story based on Debbie Gibson's 'Electric Youth.' FUCK. YES.


 In next week's adventures: Why I Hate Pandas & Other Tales.