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  • Eighty Nine now available for pre-order

    The Eighty Nine anthology is now available for pre-order within Australia. This compilation features my contribution The Story Bridge, guaranteed to be the most hilarious sci fi story you'll read about attempted suicide all year. It is highly recommended that you purchase between 5 and 500 copies at your earliest convenience.     1989: a cusp between decades. The year the Berlin […]

  • Eighty-Nine teaser trailer

      Did you know books have trailers now? Yep, it's the 21st century. Although…um…this one is all about 1989. But set in the future, if that makes sense. Hey it's speculative fiction, we can do whatever the hell we want! This is a teaser trailer, full one coming soon.  Eighty-nine features my contribution The Story Bridge […]

  • Letter to the Editors (the UK band)

      Dear the Editors,   How are you? I am very well, thanks for asking and for also realising I was not just a spambot. Sometimes people think that and it's quite awkward, especially when it's at a cocktail party rather than an internet forum. Anyway, let's cut straight to the not boring bit shall […]


    You may have heard of vampires. These lovable sun-loathing scamps have populated the pages of novels ever since the early something-forties. I used to be quite found of vampire stories, the intrigue of immortality and all that gaff, but I am now, unequivocally, irrevocably, MOTHERFUCKING SICK of vampire stories and every jerk who is jumping […]

  •   I'm in the latest edition of The Big Issue Australia, out today! If you buy it, you'll be supporting the homeless and literally making the world a better place, whereas if you buy A Beginner's Guide to Dying in India you'll just be supporting some jerk who writes 300 page lies for a living.

  • Dear Arts council of QLD, I regret to inform you that your rejection of my grant application has not been successful and you will need to provide the requested $5 000 post haste. I hope that your future rejection attempts are more successful. If you would like further advice on how to reject grant applications […]