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100 stories release & Electric Youth


The paperback of 100 stories for Queensland will be finally released on May 17. eMergent publishing is hosting a 'chart rush' in order to push to get the book as high on the amazon sales chart as possible. Here's a link to the facebook event, make sure you get amongst it and show the world that people read books that don't have titles like 'You Deserve Everything Right Now! How to get all the things you ever wanted for no reason without working for them.' or 'The Omega Conspiracy Complex Agenda: A Jack Spyhero novel.'

You can order the book from amazon HERE.

100% of the proceeds of this anthology will be donated to the The Queensland Premier's Flood Appeal. You can hear an interview of me talking about the book and other things on the 4zzz book show here (thanks Fraser Wright for the recording):

interview with 4zzz book show

My next project will be writing for the Literary Mixtapes project, I've been asked to write a story based on Debbie Gibson's 'Electric Youth.' FUCK. YES.


 In next week's adventures: Why I Hate Pandas & Other Tales.



Letter to the Editors (the UK band)


Dear the Editors,


How are you? I am very well, thanks for asking and for also realising I was not just a spambot. Sometimes people think that and it's quite awkward, especially when it's at a cocktail party rather than an internet forum.

Anyway, let's cut straight to the not boring bit shall we? I recently completed the draft of my new novel Adonis Comma Coma. Yes, I know it is a weird title. I have a thing for weird titles okay? And no it's not going to feature the words 'a novel' written in slightly smaller print underneath the actual title. Why do novels always do that these days? If you've picked up a book in the fiction section of the bookshop entitled 'the Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay' and you think it's some kind of factual guide to thermonuclear dynamics then you really obviously aren't smart enough to read a book in any case. Some day I'm going to write my life story and call it: 'A Novel' with the words (an autobiography) written in smaller letters underneath. Take THAT society!


The point is that now the draft is completed I need someone to edit it for me, so I punched 'editors' into google and your website was the first that came up, which I assume means that you are the best Editors on the internet.


  Picture 1
This is a picture to prove I am not lying. I don't often use these, because I am usually lying.

So what's the book about you ask? It's about 100 000 words. Some of these words include: 'and', 'of', 'Marilyn Monroe, 'synesthesia' 'the' 'murder' 'kandinsky' 'kaleidoscopic', 'grandiloquent' and 'cheese'. I'm not sure what your fee structure is but my present budget allows for either $15.79 in cash OR three hundred and eighty six pairs of size 9 converse all star plaid coloured shoes that I definitely did NOT obtain illegally. Alternatively you can invoice me.


This is where I file my invoices. (And bad story ideas).

Now I understand that editing a book takes quite some time, and you probably have touring and recording and being photographed in black and white looking dour duties to attend to. So just to make the process a little smoother, I'm willing to fill in for whichever one of you decides to take on the task of editing this book. Just for the record, I can play bass very well, guitar oh well, drums well, well, well… and sing Timmy fell down the well.


Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Since Clearly,

JM Donellan


Pocket Hipster app

Hipster_02 Have you ever been walking down the street, thinking about messaging that enigmagnetic boy/girl when suddenly the thought "I WISH I HAD AN IPHONE APP THAT MADE FUN OF MY MUSIC CHOICES!" assailed you like a blunt instrument to the solar plexus?

If the answer to this question is 'yes ma'am!' then boy have I got news for you! The brand new POCKET HIPSTER app is now available. I provided the voices for 'Sebastian Fowler' the pretentious English hipster and 'Atticus Jackson' the too-cool-for-any-kind-of-educational-learning-facility Californian hipster. I also wrote some of their ridiculous one-liners. The app makes fun of your music, and also you, and guides you to music that is better than yours.*Note: neither of these voices is my actual voice. I am using my magical superpower known as 'voice pretending', also known to layfolk as 'acting.'

You can get it from the itunes app store or just click here.

Amusingly I don't own an iphone, so now in addition to not owning a device that can read the digital version of my novel, I also can't watch and enjoy this app that I voiced. Oh great and sage-like Alanis Morrissette, what are your thoughts on this matter?



PS thanks to the kids at JosephMark for having me on board for this project. I had twelve kinds of fun.


For sale: Midi keyboard formerly owned by Ludwig Van Beethoven

(Link to the full ebay ad is here.)

I'm about to head to New York and then Colombia to do some "research" for my next book, Adonis Comma Coma. I need to raise some funds to assure that I can afford to drink Manhattans in Manhattan and to that end I'm selling off a few things. Please bid with all your dollars:


What you are looking at is a 100% authentic, definitely NOT fake ad for a radium 49 m-audio midi keyboard formerly owned by Ludwig Van Beethoven. (Note: Ludwig Van Beethoven is not to be confused with the titular character of the heart-warmingly mediocre family films of the early to late nineties.)


This one.                 Not this one.

Beethoven is best known for his classical symphonies composed primarily on a traditional grand piano, but in his spare time he also liked to dabble in trance and acid house music composed on this midi keyboard.

It is a well known fact that Beethoven's hearing began to fade later in his career as a result of staying out at too many raves. At this time he stopped going out to doofs and mostly preferred composing hundreds of hours of psytrance and produced the seminal album Beethoven's xtreme haus anthemz feat. Tha D-stroyer which yielded hits such as Girl is on my mind, Pizza is on my couch and Raise the roof (throw yo hands up!) He also released a plethora of seminal dubstep and ambient releases under monikers such as 'BFX', 'B-town Posse' and 'BTHVN sound sistem.'

This item comes complete with an official certificate of authenticity signed by Ludwig himself:



Considering the substantial historical value of this instrument, it's an absolute steal at $0.99. If you can find another midi keyboard formerly owned by Beethoven at a cheaper price, I'll not only refund your money in full, I'll also give you a Yamaha WR250F dirtbike formerly owned by Ella Fitzgerald. 


Ella fitzgerald  

Ella Fitzgerald

Jazz singer, composer and Dirtbike enthusiast.



FROZEN FACE OF POLAR BEAR reviewed by JM Donellan (of Frozen Face of Polar Bear)

Polar bear

You might think it somewhat inappropriate for a musician to review their own gig. If this is the case you should be aware of the fact that all music reviewers are invariably one of the following:

1 Friends with the bands they see

2 Sleeping with one (or more) of the band members.

3 Would like to be sleeping with one (or more) of the band members.

4 Total jerks

The act before us is a girl with a name that I don't remember due to the fact that I was busy eating $1 tacos and being slightly concerned by the fact that Dave was finishing the lyrics to Trouble  approximately 28 minutes before heading on stage.


We had a lot of gear to set up, so while we were plugging in and tuning up Darragh entertained the crowd with an eighteen minute freestyle gangster rap on the theme of the potential sociopolitical ramifications of the large hadron collider. By the end of this the crowd had acquired a rudimentary understanding of quantum mechanics and we were ready to get started.

We opened with one of our more obscure b-sides from the early eighties, not our best song I'll be the first to admit but to be fair it was written when we only had a collective age of one Bieber (that's 16 years for those of you who aren't popular culture mathematicians.)

Soon after this point Dave got so excited that he smashed his guitar into a wall in a spectacular explosion of steel and strings. Whilst this certainly drew a rousing response from the crowd, it did unfortunately force him to play air guitar for the rest of the set, luckily Dave is an expert air guitarist and it didn't negatively affect our sound too much.

dramatised re-enactment:

Around midset Kate decided to sing the lyrics to Bluescreen in Swedish. This was an inspired move and no doubt would have lent a truly beautiful, classically European lilt to the song if not for the fact that the only Swedish that Kate knows was acquired from a childhood watching the Swedish chef on the Muppets. A Swedish diplomat who was by the strangest of coincidences in attendance began shaking his fist at us and yelling. Unfortunately, because none of us can speak Swedish we had no idea what he was saying, one can only assume it was some sort of fervent praise and adulation.

As we neared the end of the set I decided that we needed some sort of grand finale so I decided to climb on top of the speakers and perform a backflip. Tragically, it was only after I was airborne that I remembered the fact that I have no aerobatic skill whatsoever and I ended up breaking both my legs upon landing and had to finish the set playing bass on my back.

On a scale of one to eleventy thousand, I give this gig a high five. I would thoroughly recommend this and similar products to anyone with a healthy interest in either haberdashery or kierkegaardian philosophy.

Poster_final shoot

Our next gig will be at SHOOT art party on October 2nd. We're planning to perform a 2 hour operatic piece based around the life and times of Rick Astley.

SHOOT art party!!

Poster_final shoot

The 4c arts collective is hosting another one of our (in)famous art parties, and you had better be there. I could explain to you why you need to come, but why bother when I can just get two cartoon robots to do it for me?


celebration of new growth, sudden actions and distilled moments. The
latest & greatest 4c art party explores all those strange and
wonderful ideas that have been blooming deep in the delicious depths of
your psyche. A evening filled to the blissful bursting point with music,
visual art, performance and all kinds of other joys, wonders and frivolities.

Best night of your life or your money's whack.

4c arts collective. We put the 'art' in party.





Lyall / Emily Devers / Clinton Cunningham / The Bookery Cook / Andrew
Forsyth / Monica Rohan / Mealie Bardo / Liana Evans / Jason Fitzgerald /
Deborah Parker


Emily Devers / These
Lovely Creatures / Genevieve Butler / Mckenzie Briggs / Sandy Hsu /
Liesel Zink / Guns and Kids – Kimie Mizuno /


Degrees is a campaign initiative of Friends of the Earth Brisbane Co-op
Ltd. The Six Degrees campaign works with communities and groups across
the state to reduce Queensland’s dependence on the coal industry, and to
ensure a just and measured transition to a safe climate future. We are
working towards the creation of an ecologically sustainable and socially
just society through community action.


On the weekend this happened:

Futurespces3 Futurespecs Futurespecs2
Futurespecs5 Futurespecs6 Futurespes4

And yes I am aware of the fact that it is poor form for a writer to blog primarily in images but I've spent last 48 hours being drunk, hung over and scrubbing gallery walls with sugar soap so you'll forgive me if I'm uncharacteristically laconic. 

I also want to let Brisbanites aka Brisbanians aka Brisneylanders aka Brivakistanians know that you can now get my book from Black Cat on Latrobe Tce in Paddington (formerly Mary Ryan's Paddington) This means you can stop buying it from those horrible corporate bookstores that
charge you too much and have staff that think that Dostoyevsky is a
brand of vodka. 


FUTURE SPECS: putting the “art” in party

Future specs 


YOU: "Oh hey man, how's it going?"    

THEM: "Oh hey there guy! Well, you know, pretty good, Carol's been redecoratising the living room and my little girl got a triple double goldstar trophy sceptre for her report on Miley Cyrus."

YOU: "Um…I'm pretty sure that there's no such thing as a triple double trophy sceptre…"

THEM: "what about you?"

YOU: "I'm going to FUTURE SPECS with all my heart and most of my liver!"

THEM: "Future Specs? I don't know Jimbo Jones, that sounds like lefto hippie commie pinko bullshit propoganda juice. Will there be….arty things?"

YOU: "All the types! Sound types! Look at it with your eyes types! Touchy touch with your fingies types! Watch the people do the things types! Plus there will be super cheap booze."

THEM: "Well Jackie James, that does sounds like all the fun things in the world. I guess I'll go. How when why wherefore?"


20th Feb TwentyTen


26 Church st, 

Fortitude Valley (just near the PCYC)






Citizen loud 



 Lix Anna



Beau Allen, Lix BacskayAnna Cooke & Rozina SulimanRenata Fojtikova, Andrew Forsyth, Hannah Groff, David Heckenber, Monica Rohan, Jose William Vigers  


Daniel Santangeli, Giema Contini, Kieran Law, Gen Ganner, Thomas Quirk & Manda Boyd, Leena Reithmuller, Emma Schofield, Robert Millet's Amazing Time Machine

presented by the 4c arts collective 

FACEBOOK: 4c arts collective

TWITTER: @4carts

0406 083 976