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Dena over at Books for for Kids (who recently wrote this great review of Zeb) is running a giveaway where you can get your hands…ah…well, eyes at least, on a digital copy of Zeb and the Great Ruckus. Entry is freebies. Check it out here.

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In other book news, one of the highlights of my year, the Lifeline Bookfest starts in just a few days. Lifeline Bookfest is great for the following reasons:

1 Millions of books being sold at 1930s prices

2 The money goes to a good cause

3 Every year the MC dresses up in a safari outfit

4 It is the BEST people watching event of the year. Seriously. You see goths, punks, hipsters,¬†septuagenarians, octogenarias, octuplets, families yelling at each other, couples critiquing each others choices, all kinds of different ages and backgrounds. It’s a veritable gold mine for character ideas.

5 It’s the best place to play a little game I like to call ‘Worst Romance.’ This basically involves finding the tackiest romance novel cover. The winner gets their books paid for by all other participants.

So there's like this cop right? And things always explode around him? Which means it's hard for him to hold down a relationship obviously, until one day he meets a ballistics expert named Rose, who has a dark secret...
This would be a hot contender. There are some better ones out there, but I didn’t think it’d be appropriate to put the cover of ‘Impregnated by the Tentacle’ in this post.



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